About the clinic

Our clinic (watch the video to find out more about the clinic) aims to offer you the best treatment that we can. Our staff are all trained to a high level and take pride in being good at what they do. We want your experience to be both valuable to you and hopefully enjoyable. We will treat you professionally and aim to meet your expectations regarding your visit to us.

speechmark Our philosophy is to diagnose your symptoms and treat accordingly but also to find the cause of the problem and work with you to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. This approach may involve a team approach (our staff or other therapists that you know) as most problems that we see usually have a number of factors that need to be addressed.

You are welcome to have someone with you during your visits to our clinic, although we ask to try and keep numbers to a minimum. If you are under 16 you will need a legal guardian to accompany you, although we shall seek your verbal consent to any treatment.

An initial visit will probably go something like this:

You will be welcomed into the clinic and once comfortable asked to fill in our new patient questionnaire, this will provide us with a bit of information about you and why you are coming to see us.

This information will be entered onto our electronic practice management system and is kept secure. Your information will not be used without your consent firstly being obtained. The therapist seeing you will then spend some time talking to you about why you have come to see us ­ in some cases this may be very in depth and sometimes we may ask questions that you may not find relevant. Please feel free to ask us anything or offer any information that you may think will be of use.

Following this discussion we carry out an assessment. This will vary differently depending on who you are seeing and what they need to look at. You may need to remove some of your clothing to change into sports kit. Please ask one of the staff what may be expected of you during the assessment if you are not sure what to expect.

During the assessment we shall try to establish what is hurting (the diagnosis), why it is hurting (mechanism of injury) and what can be done about it (the treatment). We shall discuss our findings with you before proceeding any further.

Please feel free to ask any questions at this stage. We shall try to explain our reasoning for all of the above ­ so you should have a good idea why we suggesting our treatment plan.

Treatment plan. This will consist of a number of factors.

An immediate treatment to your presenting symptoms

  • This may involve you doing something things at home to help out
  • You may need to reduce your activity levels in the short term
  • You may need to come to the clinic for a short intensive period of treatment

A medium term progress back into activity

  • This may involve a gradual return back to your activity
  • You may need a full assessment of your function now your pain levels have reduced
  • You may need to wear orthoses in your shoes
  • You may need to buy new shoes
  • You may need to change your running style
  • You may need to do specific exercises
  • You may need to look at your training planning
  • You WILL need to look at your long term goals

A long term plan

  • This may need visits to see us for ‘maintenance’ treatments
  • We may have to reassess to gauge your progress
  • Have short and long term goals to aim for
  • Listen to your body and give it a rest if you feel it needs it
  • Introduce variety to your training – either a different activity or mix up your training
  • Most injuries are repetitive strain injuries – mix it up
  • Seek early intervention if any problems feel as if they are getting worse and not settling down with rest

Hopefully this explains our approach to your treatment and what to expect when you see us. Please feel free to ask plenty of questions either at the time or following your visit. We will always be happy to try and help explain what we think is going on with you and how to resolve these issues.

Our Staff

The Owners

Lynne Watts clinic manager
Lynne Watts
Colin Papworth clinic owner
Colin Papworth
John Freeman clinic owner
John Freeman

The clinic is owned by Lynne Watts, Colin Papworth and John Freeman who took over the running of the practice in March 2008. We have recruited new therapists and also strengthened the admin team. We put our continuing success down to offering a friendly service that puts you first. We endeavour to provide the best treatment we can and if we feel we are not able to treat you fully we shall advise you where to go for treatment.

Admin Staff and Receptionists

Clinic Manager – Lynne Watts

Lynne deals with all aspects of the day to day running of the clinic, administration and accounts and so is a good starting point for any queries relating to the clinic.

Reception and Admin –  Janet Simpson

Janet Simpson clinic administration
Janet Simpson

Janet will be most likely be the first person you see or speak to at the clinic.   Janet also fits in all the typing, in particular letters to the doctors of NHS patients to keep them informed of their ongoing care. 

NHS Administration and Marketing – Rachel Wilson

Rachel has been with us since early 2015 and is getting to grips with the administration of providing NHS treatments, ongoing Care Quality Commission registration and regulation. She is also taking on our marketing work and looking for new places to advertise our services.

Podiatry Treatments – Colin Papworth

Colin Papworth – has been qualified since 1999 and has worked in both the NHS and private practice. His main interest is looking at why problems occur and how we can change our function to overcome the problems. He is based at our Chesterfield clinic and can use high speed video and Tekscan in shoe pressure analysis to provide a very comprehensive gait analysis service. He will offer various treatments that may include; orthoses, footwear advice, mobilisations and manipulations of your feet, training advice, running style changes and technique drills.

He works within Elite sports, everyday sports people and active people who may be having problems that are related to their day to day function. He is currently involved with the Paralympics table tennis squad based at EIS Sheffield and Sheffield Diving and GB Boxing. He works with the MOD and now offers podiatry treatment to compliment various physiotherapy departments. He runs biomechanics courses for other health professionals and running technique sessions for the public.


Sports and soft tissue therapy – John Freeman

John Freeman
John Freeman

John is one of the owners/directors of the clinic; a true advocate of the integrated approach to healthcare, he has worked as a SMT with Rugby Union in the Zurich Premiership, Olympic, World and National level athletes of numerous sports at the English Institute of Sport and with the general public at Holywell Healthcare. Having his sporting career cut short through injury John has seen both sides of the treatment couch deepening his drive and passion for his work.



We have recently been joined by Remedy Physiotherapy which is based in Sheffield.

Carmel and Terry are highly experienced physiotherapists and registered to practice acupuncture. Specialities include sporting injuries, spinal treatment, wrist and hand specific injuries, ergonomic assessment and shoulder issues, with hands-on physiotherapy assessment and treatment as well as the most up to date electrotherapy


Podiatric Surgery – Antony Wilkinson

Antony N Wilkinson D.Pod.M, MPodA, FPodA, FCPodS, MChS.
Consultant Podiatrist in Foot and Ankle Surgery

Our Podiatric Consultant graduated from the Northern college of Podiatry in 1990. After gaining clinical experience, he began studying for the membership examination of the College of Podiatry in 1992. Following completion of this in 1994 he was successfully appointed as a Podiatric surgical Trainee in Derbyshire, where he completed a 2 year training program to gain Fellowship of the College. He continued his Podiatric Registrar training with the same unit for a further 3 years and gained his Certificate of Completion in 2000.

Following the completion of his training, he was appointed as a consultant in the Podiatric surgery department at Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a post that he still holds. Antony is clinical lead within the unit.

Throughout his career, Antony has lectured extensively and published a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is an accredited tutor with the college of Podiatry and has trained a number of pre-fellowship trainees and Registrars.

He has held the position of both Dean of the Faculty of Podiatric Surgery and Regional Chair of the Northern Deanery. Through both these positions he has acted as an ambassador for the College both nationally and internationally.

Antony is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at both Glasgow Caledonian and Huddersfield University, where he lectures to students on the MSc Theory of Podiatric Surgery course.

Antony has extensive experience in foot surgery carrying out up to 1000 surgical procedures each year on both NHS and private patients. All his work is audited using the PASCOM clinical audit tool.

Please see our PASCOM results for more information.