Biomechanical assessments

A biomechanical assessment will provide you with information about your walking or running style and aim to provide you with a link between your function and injury patterns.

The feet and lower limbs have two very important jobs to do when we are walking or running. They need to control and absorb the loads we apply to our body when we contact the ground and they need to be in a stable position when we push against them to drive ourselves forward. This is mainly controlled by our foot function.

The foot has to be mobile at contact and rigid at propulsion and how the foot changes from a mobile position to a rigid lever involves the rest of the limb and body. If this system is not working correctly then the body will have to compensate in some way. This will cause us to be less efficient in our movements.

Our body may well be able to deal with these compensations in the short term but due to the repetitive nature of running or walking these compensations may lead to overload of certain structures and injury may occur.

Biomechanic assessment

Why will I benefit from a biomechanical assessment?

The biomechanical assessment will look at a number of things;

  • – your natural foot and limb alignment,
  • – your range of joint motion and muscle strength in your lower limbs,
  • – how and why your feet pronate,
  • – how your feet respond to loading (what happens when you stand on them)
  • – how you move forward over your foot once it is on the floor,
  • – do your feet become stable at propulsion and if so then how,
  • – any affects on the rest of your body,
  • – try to establish a link between function and injury,
  • – enable us to work with you to address all the issues that may be a factor in your functional assessment.

This will be achieved by;

  • – looking at the anatomy of your feet and limbs in a non-weight bearing position, in a standing position and in a dynamic situation. This will involve being assessed on a treatment couch, barefoot standing and walking and (if required) running in sports footwear.
  • – We can take a video recording of you walking and running so we can analysis your motion in a very detailed way and also we will be able to show you what is happening. (We use a Casio high speed camera and video analysis softwear).tekscan
  • – We also are able to use an in shoe pressure analysis system to see how you load your foot and see how your body centre of mass moves over your foot when walking or running. (We use Tekscan f-scan in shoe system for this).