Chesterfield Derbyshire

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Updated 01/07/2020

With the restrictions on movement being eased we are able to open the clinic to treat more people for Podiatry/Chiropody treatments only.

We are able to treat people who have a foot issue that is causing problems that may lead to seeking more help from the NHS. We can see you if you are a key worker or a carer and your foot problem is going to be restricting your ability to do your work. This will also now apply to people whose foot problem is affecting their working or caring roles.

We can see you if you have an underlying medical condition that means that your foot problem is more of a risk to you, such as diabetes. We are able to see you for routine chiropody and biomechanical problems.

We are having to make some big changes in the clinic to conform to current guidelines. We are only to have one person in the reception area. We are turning one of the clinic rooms into a waiting room to ensure that we have space in the clinic. We are having to space out appointments as we have to deep clean the clinic room and reception area once a patient has been into the clinic.

All staff are wearing PPE and we have had a screen fitted to the reception desk.

We are having to increase our prices. This is due to a number of reasons. We have a reduced number of appointments available due to the extra cleaning time. We are also having to purchase clinic protection and cleaning equipment and PPE for the staff.

If you now feel that you have a need for an appointment and you meet the criteria please phone the clinic. We need to speak to everyone before you are able to come to the clinic for a triage. 

If you are attending the clinic please can you be mindful of the following:
We would prefer you to wear a face cover,
We would prefer you pay by contactless payment,
Please wait outside if you see someone in the reception area,

Please bear with us during this time of transition, we are all having to learn new ways of doing things.

Thank you for your patience.