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Holywell Healthcare is a practitioner owned HCPC external site registered podiatrists, chiropodistssports massage and studio pilates clinic that has been established in Chesterfield since 1994. We offer foot and musculo-skeletal services to suit everyone no matter what their condition or level of activity. Our team of fully qualified podiatrists, chiropodists and therapists are experienced in working with people with all abilities, from Olympic teams to everyday recreational sports people and people who do not have any ambition of doing anything sporty.

We do not only aim to treat you when things are going wrong but are able to assess and offer treatment or advice to prevent problems occurring.

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As an established Podiatry/Sports Injury clinic in Chesterfield, we aim to offer you the best treatment that we can. All of our therapists, chiropodists and podiatrists are trained to a high level and take pride in being good at what they do. We want your experience to be both valuable to you and hopefully enjoyable. We will treat you professionally and aim to meet your expectations regarding your visit to us.

Our philosophy is to not only diagnose your symptoms and treat accordingly, but also to find the cause of the problem and work with you to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. This approach may involve a team approach by our staff as most problems that we see usually have a number of factors that need to be addressed.

So if you are looking for an experienced Podiatry/Sports Injury clinic in Chesterfield who provide a wide range of professional services, contact us today on 01246 273848.

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