The Derbyshire Foot Surgery Centre

@ Holywell Healthcare

Cosmetic and Reconstructive
Foot Surgery Experts

Do you have problems getting shoes that fit comfortably? 

Are you finding everyday activities harder due to pain and discomfort?

Do you worry about how your feet look in summer footwear and open toed shoes? 

If so then The Derbyshire Foot Surgery Centre could be your answer. We use cutting edge techniques to correct your problem and get you back to enjoying your life to the full. 

Here are some of the conditions and problems that we can treat. If you cannot see your particular problem on this list, please email or call us as we may still be able to help. 

  • Bunion Surgery

  • Toe Deformities (including webbed toes)

  • Flat Feet

  • Toe Shortening

  • Foot Narrowing 

  • Lumps and Bumps

  • Arthritic Toes

  • Ingrown Toenails

  • Corn Removal

  • Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

  • Mortons' Neuroma

We also offer Injection Therapy to treat the following complaints:

  • Painful joints, such as hallux rigidus or metatarsalgia 

  • Painful bursitis, often associated with other deformity

  • Painful nerve conditions, in particular Morton’s neuroma

  • Painful trigger points such as nerve pain following an ankle sprain

  • Painful post-operative scars

Why choose The Derbyshire Foot Surgery Centre@HolywellHealthcare?

  • We are a small friendly clinic and our patients love the relaxed atmosphere we create

  • Mr Antony Wilkinson is one of the UKs leading Podiatric Surgeon’s and with more than 26 years experience in the field of Foot and Ankle surgery, you can be assured you are in good hands

  • We are the NHS choice clinic for referrals from North Derbyshire CCG and Bassetlaw CCG. 

  • We are CQC registered

  • Appointments are available at your convenience

  • Our Chesterfield clinic has free parking and is only 10 minutes from Junction 29 (M1)

  • Holywell Healthcare can also offer after care in Podiatry (including orthoses prescription), Soft Tissue Therapy and Clinical Studio Pilates which may help reduce recovery time

Pricing and Payment Options

Most surgeries are classed as "self-paying" where the full cost of the surgery is payable by the patient. Some surgeries may be covered by your healthcare insurance provider. Mr Antony Wilkinson is registered with most major providers. Your provider will need to issue you with an authorisation code before your initial consultation with Mr Wilkinson. 

The cost of surgery at The Derbyshire Foot Surgery Centre is extremely competitive. Our prices are all inclusive and cover your initial consultation, pre-operative appointment, x-rays, surgery, follow up appointments and dressings. 

Example prices: 

Bunion Surgery                                                 from £2950

Toe Deformities                                                from £2350

Toe Lengthening/Shortening Surgery         from £2350

For more information please email or call the clinic.