Foot Surgery

The foot surgery that we offer is forefoot surgery only. This includes toe deformity correction, all manner of bunion operations, neuroma removal and cyst draining. The operations are carried out in our own operating theatre in the clinic and are local anaesthetic procedures. This will usually involve you having two or three injections around your ankle so your foot goes numb. This is on a day case basis and you will probably be in the clinic for 2-3 hours.Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery in Chesterfield

The likely series of events for your foot surgery will include an initial assessment, follow up with review of x-rays, a pre-op appointment, the surgery, a dressing change at one week, stitches out at two weeks and a 6 month discharge appointment. How long all this takes will depend on your own time needs and when the appointment fits best with your lifestyle.Follow link for information on medication for surgical procedures.

Medications that might be given to you at Holywell Healthcare

Recovery from the foot surgery will depend on the type of surgical procedure you have done and your level of activity. This could be a couple of weeks for a simple procedure or could be 8 weeks for a more complex surgery.

Following surgery you will have to wear a surgical shoe for a least two weeks and in some cases you may need a walking cast that you take on and off for up to two months. It may be recommended that you have a biomechanical assessment for prescription orthoses if the surgeons feel that your problem is biomechanical in origin and that your problems may return over time.  All of these options will be explained at the first or second appointment.

We hope that everyone who undergoes a surgical procedure with us is fully aware what the expected outcome will be and what you will need to do to get there. Please feel free to contact the clinic for further information regarding the type of surgery we offer and if you would like an initial assessment with one of our surgeons regarding your feet and what you could expect from a surgical procedure.

Podiatrists are degree trained and registered with the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists ( and Health Professions Council ( Our podiatrists have all undertaken further training in their specialist field of work. This level of training allows us to carry out more complex treatments than you would find at a chiropodists.

The other services that are available at Holywell Healthcare on top of the normal chiropody treatments are; removal of ingrowing toe nails using local anaesthetic, high strength caustic treatments for verrucae and biomechanical assessments and orthotic prescription.

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