Sports Massage

Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy in Chesterfield

Sports massage utilizes a multitude of manual techniques to firstly assess the condition and effective qualities of soft tissue (muscles, tendons ligaments, etc..) of the client, then having done so applies the appropriate procedures to improve the condition, efficiency, activity or release of the area in question.

Sports massage

In a sporty individual these techniques mainly involve a specialized passive (relaxed) and active (aggressive) methods for injury management, or general techniques are applied to clients wishing to maintain a high level of activity and fitness which reduces the chances of injury caused by over training.

Sports Massage and Soft Tissue therapy may be undertaken as independent treatments or as part of a multi-discipline approach.

John Freeman (Director and  joint owner) has been treating his clients here at Holywell Healthcare for over 14 years. 

Patient Testimonial

Testimonial for Holywell Healthcare
“I have been a long distance runner and member of Redhill Road Runners in Nottingham for over 20 years competing at distances from 5k cross country through to marathon. I have been receiving regular soft tissue therapy from John Freeman at Holywell Health Care since 2005/6. Over the years I have seen a range of health care professionals and John is right up there with the best of them. He uses his excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology to work out where the problem is and treat it effectively. During times of high mileage marathon training his treatment has allowed me to keep training and achieve my goals. Over the years I have had my fair share of injuries some related to running (broken ankle) and some not (multiple fractured ribs after a fall from a horse). John has been invaluable in helping me to recover from these injuries. Although the treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable ( apparently he is just releasing the pain not causing it!) his sensitivity and sense of humour and the effectiveness of the therapy always makes me feel substantially better.
I think the fact that I am prepared to travel from Nottingham to Chesterfield on a regular basis says it all. My only reservation about recommending John is that it might make it more difficult for me to get an appointment with him!
As well as seeing John on a regular basis I have received advice regarding gait analysis and orthotics from Colin Papworth and I find the Holywell Health care reception staff extremely friendly, helpful and efficient.”

Dr Helen Burrell 21.10.17