Sports Massage

& Soft Tissue Therapy

Don't let the title "Sports Massage" put you off if you're not a particularly "sporty" person. Sports massage and soft tissue therapy can be beneficial to any person suffering with muscle, joint or ligament pain.


Our therapists will take an holistic approach to your treatment, looking at factors such as lifestyle, occupation, activity levels and health conditions to provide a service that suits your needs and gets you back to a place where you can enjoy doing the things you love. 

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  • Increase mobility and flexibility of muscle tissue

  • Decrease the risk of injury

  • Correct muscular imbalances

  • Relieve tension and stress

  • Improve Range of Movement & flexibility

  • Relieve muscle pain and spasm

  • Breakdown scar tissue & adhesion

  • Get you back to full function after surgery/accidents/slips or falls

  • Increase or decrease muscle tone

  • Deactivate trigger points

  • Improve postural awareness

  • Correct dysfunctional movement patterns

  • Speed up recovery from training & aid rehabilitation

  • Identify potential causes & help with injury prevention

  • Can form part of a training programme to

        optimise performance

  • Increase feelings of well-being

Benefits of Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy

John Freeman 

Sports Massage/

Soft Tissue Therapy

John, clinic owner, has been practicing as a Sports Massage Therapist at Holywell Healthcare for 18 years. He has worked with a variety of athletes at both world and international levels, working with the Institute of Sports and GB Diving for over a decade. His expertise can benefit all individuals of all ages and activity levels.

"Injury treatment and prevention is incredibly important as an athlete and I have John to thank for keeping me as fit and injury free as possible during my time as a sportsman."

Freddie Woodward, Olympic Diver 09/10/19

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"Over the years I have seen a range of health care professionals and John is right up there with the best of them. He uses his excellent knowledge of anatomy and physiology to work out where the problem is and treat it effectively."

Dr Helen Burrell, 21/10/19

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"Not only do I feel physically better after soft tissue treatment with John, I also feel a lot more relaxed as he is great to talk to, sensitive or funny, John is great at reading what you need!"

Clare Cryan, Irish International Diver 05/12/19

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