Verruca Treatments

Wart verrucas plantar. Fasciitis Wart on

Treatment at Home 

The first thing to try at home is using an over the counter medication such as Bazuka or see your GP for similar. These treatments are applied to the skin on a regular basis and then removed. Repeat the treatment as often as you can, ideally this should be done daily. Only reduce the number of treatments if the skin surrounding the verruca becomes painful or develops a blister. This may need to be carried out for 4-6 weeks. Then let the skin heal up and check for new growth.

If this does not seem to be making any difference, then it may be the time to see a Podiatrist as we have two other options to try. We firstly check that the verruca is actually verruca and then discuss with you what we think will work best for you. We will probably use a scalpel to reduce the overlying and surrounding hard skin, so we can get a good look at it. This will also make it feel more comfortable as it is usually the hard skin that is causing the pain. We can then offer treatments.

Freezepen (Cryotherapy)


Our Podiatrist will use a tool called Freezepen that delivers a very fine jet of freeze spray at -89 degrees C. This means we can be very precise in its application and not cause any surrounding skin damage. This ideally works on verruca up to 6-8mm across but we have used it on larger areas. This can be painful at the time as we need to try and freeze the skin for up 6-8 seconds at a time. The idea being that the freezing breaks down the virus during the freeze and thaw process. The process is repeated 3-4 times at one treatment. We advise that you continue with any other treatment after 2 days following the cryotherapy. These treatments are reviewed every 2-3 weeks. This treatment can be painful at the time but is usually pain free after treatment.


We can use a combination of cryotherapy and acid treatments. Although this does tend to be quite painful it can be effective. We will discuss with you the situation and course of treatment each time you come back to the clinic.


Acid treatment 

This involves using a much stronger acid than you can buy. The Podiatrist will apply this to the skin and then cover with a dressing. You will need to keep this on for a maximum of 4 days and keep it dry. This is often the issue with this type of treatment. But even if the acid is on for short time it will have more effect than the treatments you have been using. Once this stronger acid dressing has come off then it is good to continue with your normal treatment as it may now be more effective. We would review this situation in 2-3 weeks. This is often then repeated as required. The verruca usually feels a lot more comfortable as this approach removes the painful overlying hard skin. The acid can ‘burn’ the skin and can be painful whilst it is on the skin. Removing the dressing and washing the foot will help this situation.